Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alpina's Version of the M3 Cabriolet

So if the opportunity existed for those of us on U.S. shores, would I buy an Alpina cabriolet? After reading this review, I would seriously consider it but unfortunately those of us stateside will never see this car let alone test drive one.

From "No question, the B3 cabrio is an exceptionally desirable car, one that combines monster pace with reasonable economy and emissions, genuine seating for four, and a proper folding metal hood that will allow you to enjoy those fleeting moments when the sun comes out in this country. And as ever it will almost certainly offer a more relaxing driving experience than the factory M3 cabrio, without feeling overly compromised by the removal of its roof. We like it, we like it a lot." more.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Guy Is Cool, Literally

Near freezing weather in Seattle and driving top down for the test drive. This is one news reporter I can hangout with. Checkout a chilly drive in March as the local NBC automotive reviewer takes the 335i convertible for a spin. Amazingly there was no rain on his day out. As a former Northwest resident (Portland, in my case), I enjoyed seeing some nice twisty roads and green in March.

This guy even takes the car to Costco. He is completely nuts and why this is a fun review to watch. A bit abnormal and plenty of positive words as he does laps in a parking garage before handing the keys back. More.

3-Series Conception

Ever wanted to know where the 3-series BMWs are built and what the plant looks like. Here is a video showcasing the new Leipzig plant where all 3-series models are produced. This is definitely worth a watch. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chris Bangle Talks about the 335i Convertible

Wow, this is one cool video from the world's most polarizing automotive designer. Here Chris Bangle discusses some of the challenges and styling decisions that came together for the 2007 3-series convertible.

He talks about the "blood line" of the convertible. It is the the line from the top of the door to the end of the back seat. Watch and you will see what Bangle is talking about. Enjoy!

335i Launch Video on

While this video has been out for quite awhile, I have never viewed this full length version. These marketing videos are always pretty funny. It's interesting to see who the aspirational target customer BMW had in mind as they went to launch. Apparently, wearing shoes is optional and a hot trophy wife is required attire. Oh well, I guess that's the difference between consumptional target and aspiring..?

A reduced version was featured on the BMW convertible launch website. In fact, I used to carry a shortened version of this on my PS3 since BMW/NA had included a download to work with the portable Playstation. Anyway, here is the full version that was produced for product launch last year.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Great Product Perspective Video from BMW

I just love this video of this BMW 335i cabriolet shot in Mt Dandenong Victoria. It just has some great shots, effects, and a stylized look that makes me want to go out and drive. Enjoy!

335i Convertible Wins Play Car of the Year

Add this one to your awards given by web sites looking to generate more site traffic via press releases. Well whatever the reason, the 335i convertible was recognized by as the 2008 Play Car of the Year and I'm not one to disagree.

From "The convertible's chassis is tuned for the discriminating enthusiast, with confidence-inspiring handling and compliant ride quality. In addition, the convertible's retractable metal roof adds year-round practicality and comfort and helps keep wind noise to a minimum. Plus, with the roof lowered, you're able to fully enjoy the inline-six's sweet exhaust note. The price for this kind of fun is on the high side, for sure, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. In this case, it's money well spent." more.

M3 Convertible Debuts at Geneva Auto Show

From Jalopnik: "The sleek and speedy vert has been unveiled after a long rumor mill process and the swiftly shifting hardtop is here to show the goods. While it gets 100% of all the things that make the M3 on it's own a fun little toy, the thing we noticed the most will be the something the golf playing lawyers who buy them."

Not much different here except the amazing new V8 in the M3. One changes is the upcoming M-DCT (dual clutch transmission) that's basically an automated manual that uses two clutches for inhumanly quick shifts.

I was really hoping for a rear spoiler option made available by the new M3 convertible, but the show car has no spoiler. Oh well, guess the limited options that exist continue to remain well... limited.

more images and information from Jalopnik