Monday, December 19, 2011

Not Exactly Inspiring Confidence

I haven't written much on this blog lately; though, I should because quite a lot has gone on with my 2007 BMW 335i this past year. Unfortunately little of it has been great news to share.

The most recent event was a second failure of the fuel injectors on the car.  In March 2010, they were all replaced by my dealer in Michigan.  Only 2 of the injectors failed back then, positions 4 & 6. Well I had a similar feeling something was wrong again with them a week ago.

Fast forward to late last week and I get news from my dealership here in Dallas that the same injectors that failed last March have failed again and were being replaced under under warranty; even though, my car came out of warranty last July when I hit the 4 year mark.

So twice my fuel injectors have failed and both times in less than 2 years time. Once at 31k miles and the other at 46k miles.  This doesn't make me feel all too happy with my decision to keep the car.

After also having to fix a burnt rear fuze box due to an arching failed B+ cable only 1 month out of warranty that cost me $1,700 to fix, I really am not happy with the owning the car decision.

So, now I'm seriously reconsidering keep my 335i and looking to move on to something else.  I know these cars are complex and have no expectation of Toyota Camry-like reliability, but this is getting ridiculous being only 5 months out of warranty.

I'm curious. Is anyone else having these fuel injector failures?  Anyone have to get replacements more than once?