Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Integrates with BMW

The new Apple iPhone has been confirmed by BMW that it meets the minimum Bluetooth requirements for current model BMWs. A full press release about the iPhone from BMW can be seen here (Adobe Acrobat format.) I will be one of the many out today trying to get a new iPhone. My 335i should arrive at my dealership the week of July 9th so I will post more about integration once I get my hands on both of these new toys.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Unless You're Some Sort of Performance Freak

Here is an old review from February 2007 when BMW launched the convertible to the press. Paul Tan's website is a fun and engaging rant and rave on the automotive industry. I found the performance comments quite amuzing after reading and hearing all of the coupe owners brag about performance (a mere .2 seconds better 0-60 times... Now count that did you feel it?) My only disappointment about the review is the use of all stock photography and video, there is no unique media content.

From "Convertibles. Gotta love them. You might not want to own one, but you definitely have to like what they represent. Unless you’re some sort of performance freak. In which case, you’re a separate sort of insane." more.

Foot Pedals

There are a few options for those looking to change out their foot pedals for a more racing styled look. I ran across probably the best looking pair I have ever seen and it's actually sold by BMW Accessories. The stainless steel pedals have a nice, understated yet stylish look about them that is very appealing to me. You can order them directly through your BMW dealership. Part number and pricing information is available here. Installation is quite easy. The brake (and clutch) pedals are simply slip off; though it does take some muscle to do this it is fairly straight forward. The accelerator pedal requires a bit more sophistication as one needs to remove some screws behind the base of the pedal and slide it up and out.

Front Lip Spoiler Options for Your Convertible

Here are some options available for those who want a more agressive front facia on their BMW convertible. I personally opted for the BMW aero kit's front lip spoiler and am having it installed by my local BMW dealership. Having the dealership do it is a bit more expensive than do it yourself or finding a local mod shop do it. Total cost for the part, painting, and installation was $640. I have seen others get this done for around $400 going the do it yourself route.

Some choices for those interested in such a modification:

BMW OEM Aero Front Lip Spoiler

Hamann Front Lip Spoiler

Hartge Front Lip Spoiler

Reiger Front Lip Spoiler

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Crimson Red 328i Video Review

A new video review of the convertible is now online at the San Jose Mercury News website. You can check out a full review here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tracking Your BMW Car Order

My car is currently enroute crossing the Atlantic Ocean. If you decide to order a BMW, a great resourse can be found on For more details, click here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Best Car and Value for a Performance 4 Seater

From the Detroit Free Press: "The 335i is the first German car I can remember that can hold more cups than people, as a mocha-latte stop in Louisville revealed. Two spring-loaded cupholders pop out of the passenger side of the dashboard; the center console has a conveniently located one just aft of the shifter; another lurks beneath the armrest in the console's small storage bin, and two more hide beneath a lid in the middle of the rear seat." more.

Limited Options for Convertible Rear Spoiler

There are currently very few options for those wanting to install a rear spoiler on the new convertible. Of course, BMW North America does offer a rear spoiler on the E92 coupe which could be used on the new convertible. For pictures of this option look here.

Another less known option is currently offered by a company out of Costa Mesa, California. This option is the one shown in the image on this blog post. You can find out more through the Bimmerfest Forums here.

It is important to note that a lot of the options available for the coupe are not feasible for the convertible since the rear lip treatment would impact the rare light on the convertible.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chrome Accessories for the E93

A British outfit is selling chrome interior accessories for the new 2007 convertibles and coupes. They are also carrying the same parts in titan and soon carbon. They provide free shipping in the UK and give no information about shipping to the States. I emailed them and they will ship to the US. I was quoted 4.95 pounds for shipping to US for 3 small parts. more.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Car and Driver Snags Photo of 1 Series Convertible

Not an E93 but some new convertible news that is sure to excite BMW convertible fans. Apparently, Car and Driver is not a fan of the E93's hardtop as noted in the quote below.

From Car and Driver: "The most newsworthy aspect of these shots is indeed the most obvious: that the convertible will be offered with a cloth convertible top, one that preserves the roof shape of the coupe while looking remarkably like the convertible top on the E46-generation 3-series convertible, which was sold between 2000 and 2006. No “sheetmetal sandwich” in the trunk as in the new 3-series convertible, no fancy 6-series–style fabric buttresses. Just a simple ragtop, that’s all. We humbly encourage more of that kind of thinking in Munich."more.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Most Indepth Preview of the New Convertible

In the most indepth preview (this article is from January 2007) I have ever seen, World Car Fans details everything about the 2007 BMW 3-series convertibles.

"Light effects, colour schemes and the choice of materials create a unique atmosphere within the new BMW 3 Series Convertible, at the same time highlighting the car’s individual style, dynamic character, and exclusive appeal." more.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Quad Exhaust Modification Preview

Here is a video of a 2007 BMW 335i Coupe with the RD Sport Quad Exhaust modification. Definitely an impressive sound to an already great engine. Hopefully, we'll see this available for the convertible 335i's too. Right now it is only listed for coupes at:

Motorweek Episode Features E93

Motorweek aired a review of the new convertibles on May 27, 2007. Unfortunately, they used a lot of stock video. They do feature a crimson red 335i in their 0-60, handling, and braking tests.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

iDrive viewable with the top down

From TechnoRide: "BMW got the technology just right in its new 3 Series convertible: With the top down, you can actually read the navigation system's information. If you come back from the beach and left the top down, the infrared-reflecting leather doesn't scald your bare legs. When you drive, the wind whistles by but doesn't muss your hair, and you can talk without shouting. Life is good in a BMW." more.

Continuous Refinement

From Motorweek: "BMW has avoided hard-topping their convertibles up to now over concerns of weight and higher center of gravity. And, when you tip the 335i into a corner, you do sense a bit of extra roll momentum. But, the front-end continues to exhibit the quick and direct response all 3-Series are noted for with a 50/50 chassis balance that is ideal for fast driving.

And best of all, it feels as stiff as a fixed hardtop. In fact, it's 50% stiffer than the last 3-Series convertible. So, there's no discernable chassis flex to affect handling. Or ride! On all kinds of roads, the 335i Convertible feels solid and stable. There's no A-pillar and header shake, and no body twist over bumps." more.

328i manual a "delightful combination"

From the Washington Times: "The tested 328i with the six-speed manual is a delightful combination, in simplicity and performance, for anyone who enjoys driving for its own sake. Clutch engagement is progressive, so it's easy to drive smoothly, despite some slight resistance in the shift linkage.

There's plenty of power for any driving situation, although the 328i won't win drag races with some lesser machines. But that's not the point. Convertible motoring in this context is all about leisurely driving on twisting roads in sunshine that doesn't bake the pate." more.

I get my financial advice from Motortrend

For those of you who enjoy getting your automotive news from financial publications, Bloomberg has reviewed the new 2007 BMW 3-series convertible.

"The fact is that no matter how pretty the exterior -- I had a wonderful shiny blue on mine -- over the hours you're driving, the interior is what you'll be seeing most. At a premium BMW price (the convertible starts at $49,100 and quickly spirals upward), buyers could, and should, expect more.

Last, while the BMW is more practical than many convertibles, don't try to sell it as an ``everything'' car to your significant other. A run to Target ended up with me stuffing purchases into every cranny, and the leg room in the rear seat precludes a double date with another couple -- unless they're little people or really accommodating." more.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Autoweek: Still the King of Coupes

This one covers the coupe, but still a good article about the merits of the new 3-series.

"But the 3 Series is more than the sum of its numbers.

'You feel it,' wrote one of our testers after a long Detroit drive. 'The twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter’s fat torque and midrange power; the weighty steering that allows you to place the car wherever you want; the brakes that stop you now; and a sport suspension and chassis combination that absorbs the hardest driving you can throw at it while providing as much feedback as you’ll ever need.'” more.

335i Engine Important to Tuner Market

"Companies like Lexus have been chasing the 3-Series for many years. And the arrival of the new IS350 changed the status quo. For the first time in its existence, the 3-Series isn't the most powerful car in its class.

Armed with a new 3.0 bi-turbo, it would've been easy for the E92 to outgun the IS350, but BMW executives confessed distaste for escalating the power struggle. They're so confident the Coupe is superior in every other detail, they've allowed Lexus to win the numbers game - although naming the new car 335i when it's technically a 3.0T shows they're not taking the threat lightly.

Another reason why the 335i is so important is the motor. Three hundred horsepower from its high-revving, torque-laden, magnesium alloy straight-six is enough for most occasions, and it's got the BMW tuners salivating." more.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

New York Times "BMW's Quick Tanning Machine"

"That makes the 335i the first turbocharged gasoline-powered BMW sold in the United States. The engine makes a vocal argument to being the best turbo powerplant this side of a $130,000 Porsche. Free-spinning and seamless, it evinces none of the power lag or spiky peaks you expect from turbochargers, achieving peak torque at a low 1,400 r.p.m.

The result is a 3 Series that feels roughly as quick, but less high-strung, than the current-generation M3 (rated at 333 horsepower). For the new convertible, BMW cites a snappy 5.5-second run from 0 to 60 m.p.h. when equipped with the terrific six-speed manual transmission — only two-tenths of a second behind the 335i coupe. If you don’t want to pump a clutch pedal, the $1,275 six-speed Steptronic is among the fastest and smoothest automatics around; don’t forget to throw in $100 for paddle shifters." more.

LA Times "These are unbelievably refined automobiles"

"With the top up, the cabin ambience — quiet and composed, elegant, as solid as a bank elevator — is indistinguishable from that of the Coupe. With the top down, life is equally good. With the windows up, the seat heaters on and the wind-blocker in place, you could drive al fresco to a Green Bay Packers game. Or a Sun Devils' game. Among the dazzling tech trinkets is an infrared-reflective coating on the leather upholstery that, says BMW, reduces surface temps by nearly 40 degrees." more.