Thursday, June 28, 2007

Unless You're Some Sort of Performance Freak

Here is an old review from February 2007 when BMW launched the convertible to the press. Paul Tan's website is a fun and engaging rant and rave on the automotive industry. I found the performance comments quite amuzing after reading and hearing all of the coupe owners brag about performance (a mere .2 seconds better 0-60 times... Now count that did you feel it?) My only disappointment about the review is the use of all stock photography and video, there is no unique media content.

From "Convertibles. Gotta love them. You might not want to own one, but you definitely have to like what they represent. Unless you’re some sort of performance freak. In which case, you’re a separate sort of insane." more.


Paul Tan said...

hi chris,

half of the photos in my review were original photos, especially the panning shots, you can see my freelance writer Shannon Teoh in the car along with the editor from Torque magazine.

the rest are stock photos as i thought they looked better than our own photos.

paul tan

Anonymous said...

Where did the 0-60 times come from? 5.8 and 6.0 - BMW quotes 5.3 and 5.5 and anyone that did their own 0-60 times usually is quicker than that!