Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Continuous Refinement

From Motorweek: "BMW has avoided hard-topping their convertibles up to now over concerns of weight and higher center of gravity. And, when you tip the 335i into a corner, you do sense a bit of extra roll momentum. But, the front-end continues to exhibit the quick and direct response all 3-Series are noted for with a 50/50 chassis balance that is ideal for fast driving.

And best of all, it feels as stiff as a fixed hardtop. In fact, it's 50% stiffer than the last 3-Series convertible. So, there's no discernable chassis flex to affect handling. Or ride! On all kinds of roads, the 335i Convertible feels solid and stable. There's no A-pillar and header shake, and no body twist over bumps." more.

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