Monday, June 4, 2007

335i Engine Important to Tuner Market

"Companies like Lexus have been chasing the 3-Series for many years. And the arrival of the new IS350 changed the status quo. For the first time in its existence, the 3-Series isn't the most powerful car in its class.

Armed with a new 3.0 bi-turbo, it would've been easy for the E92 to outgun the IS350, but BMW executives confessed distaste for escalating the power struggle. They're so confident the Coupe is superior in every other detail, they've allowed Lexus to win the numbers game - although naming the new car 335i when it's technically a 3.0T shows they're not taking the threat lightly.

Another reason why the 335i is so important is the motor. Three hundred horsepower from its high-revving, torque-laden, magnesium alloy straight-six is enough for most occasions, and it's got the BMW tuners salivating." more.

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