Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Integrates with BMW

The new Apple iPhone has been confirmed by BMW that it meets the minimum Bluetooth requirements for current model BMWs. A full press release about the iPhone from BMW can be seen here (Adobe Acrobat format.) I will be one of the many out today trying to get a new iPhone. My 335i should arrive at my dealership the week of July 9th so I will post more about integration once I get my hands on both of these new toys.

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Christopher said...

I have been using my iPhone with the 335i convertible with iDrive and iPod Integration for the past week and a half. The integration has been flawless. My address book and music playlist transfered easily. I have been able to accept calls with the music automatically turning off and then turning back on when a call is finished. I have no compliants and love how this phone works with the BMW system. It is a blast showing how the BMW and iPhone work together to friends, family and co-workers. It's a marvel and I highly recommend the phone.