Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PMS-Lifting Experience

It's bad enough trying to defend a convertible purchase over a coupe on the enthusiast boards. I can't count how many threads I have read where E92 coupe owners laugh at us E93 convertible owners because we bought a "gay" or "chick" car because the top goes down. Not that I really care about being laughed at by a bunch of boy racers, but this review from the Mother Proof blog website isn't exactly helping the masculinity factor of my car.

From Mother Proof: "A BMW convertible is always fun, but did you know that the 2008 BMW 335i convertible is also a wonderful PMS buster? As the 335i rolled into my driveway, I was already suffering from the dreaded PMS headache and stomachache, but driving it proved to be a PMS-lifting experience.

It provided the comfort I needed (awesome lumbar support and heated seats) as well as the sassy style that was so befitting of my personality at the time. If I felt a little punchy, the car said, “Girl, I can relate. Beat this guy when the light turns green. I won’t let you down.” Backed by 300 ponies and a zippy six-speed manual transmission, the 335i put a smile back on my face." more.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What I Built

The new BMW 3 series sedan recently debuted online with the new 3 Sedan Explore website. As part of the site's navigation, there is a compilation gallery of owner cars from E30 BMWs to the present. As mentioned in another blog posting here, BMW NA was requesting use of owner photos they found on Flickr. With the site's launch they did use a couple photos I had signed a release form for.

As a 3 series fan, it is personally exciting seeing one of my cars on the site. I wish I had some great photos from my prior '97 3 series ownership. I loved that car and it would've been great seeing pictures in a couple of the years. Anyway, it is a great site and as an enthusiast it is great having BMW showcase my pride and joy and others who obviously care for their own personal expression of the ultimate driving machine. So if you get a chance, explore the new 3 sedan and don't forget to checkout the "What You Built" section of the site.more.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Douche Rocks out to his Logic 7 Sound System

Oh great, here we go again... Some idiot BMW driver giving all of us a bad reputation. This time it's some kid who decides it's time to suspend his collapsable roof and crank up the sound system in the new M3 convertible. One can only believe he is drunk and decided it was better to dance like an idiot than drive his car. I mean what's up with the towel waving and white man over-bite two step.

Anyway, I was only hoping that at the end of the video someone like Terry Tate from the Reebok ads was going to bolt across the lawn and sack this fool. more.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

BMW Considers Bringing the 320i to the States

BMW may bring a 4-cylinder 3-series back to the states. This hasn't happened since the late 1990s when the 318i and 318ti were around on the E36 body styles. Personally I love this news. I think it's a great way to bring down the cost of the 3-series, which is something 1-series barely did, and would allow for a nice commuter version of the 3-series for gas conscience buyers. I loved my old 1.9 liter Z3 4 cylinder engine. It was easy to work on and provided a decent amount of power for that car. Granted the 3-series is much more heavier than a '96 Z3, but the new 320i's engine has been well received over seas and apparently is a spirited driver though no speed demon as it takes ~9.5 seconds from 0-60 from its 156 hp engine.

From Edmunds Inside Line: "In Europe, the 167-horsepower 320i is a healthy volume seller, as is the 120i, and BMW project director Oliver Friedmann tells Inside Line that such an addition to the company's North American offerings "would have a desirable effect on many fronts."

The direct-injection four-cylinder gas BMWs are, by many accounts, the best models sold by the company. And the fuel consumption numbers speak volumes." more.