Thursday, September 4, 2008

BMW Considers Bringing the 320i to the States

BMW may bring a 4-cylinder 3-series back to the states. This hasn't happened since the late 1990s when the 318i and 318ti were around on the E36 body styles. Personally I love this news. I think it's a great way to bring down the cost of the 3-series, which is something 1-series barely did, and would allow for a nice commuter version of the 3-series for gas conscience buyers. I loved my old 1.9 liter Z3 4 cylinder engine. It was easy to work on and provided a decent amount of power for that car. Granted the 3-series is much more heavier than a '96 Z3, but the new 320i's engine has been well received over seas and apparently is a spirited driver though no speed demon as it takes ~9.5 seconds from 0-60 from its 156 hp engine.

From Edmunds Inside Line: "In Europe, the 167-horsepower 320i is a healthy volume seller, as is the 120i, and BMW project director Oliver Friedmann tells Inside Line that such an addition to the company's North American offerings "would have a desirable effect on many fronts."

The direct-injection four-cylinder gas BMWs are, by many accounts, the best models sold by the company. And the fuel consumption numbers speak volumes." more.


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