Monday, April 16, 2012

Too Ricey?

I had someone back into my m-sport front bumper last week putting a lovely trailer hitch imprint in it without leaving a note. This all happened the week after I just had my rear bumper replaced with a m-sport bumper after another Texas driver hit me in the back on a service drive entrance. Fortunately, that bumper hit was paid by the other driver.

I had the Aero front bumper look back when I first bought the car and then replaced the front-end with the m-sport bumper back in 2010.  Now with the situation of having to fix the front bumper I'm looking at either fixing the new damage by replacing what I currently have or possibly doing a fourth bumper look (had stock, areo and m-sport already, in case anyone is counting and no one is except me.)

The Rieger front bumper is oddly appealing. My only issue with it is will it make car look "ricey"?  Will I need a few v-tech stickers and a double layered rear spoiler to the complete the look?

Thoughts? Is it a good look or is it going too far?