Monday, November 26, 2007

Autoblog Improves Their Garage

From "The 335 is one of the BMWiest of BMWs. They mean it when they say "Driving Machine." The 335i's mission is to devour miles. When you're behind the wheel, it's easy to forget mundane things like work, caught up as you are in apex-clipping joy. This is one of those cars that will have you seeking out the windy, hilly, un-crowded way. Retract the roof, hit the seat heaters if it's chilly, and listen to the cannonade from the twin pipes peal off the countryside." more.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Winter in Michigan is Not High Performance Weather

Well I switched out my stock 18" rims and runflat tires with a winter tire setup from Tire Rack. I went with a 17" wheel and tire set. The wheels are ASA JH3 and the tires are non-runflat Dunlop Winter Sport M3 XL. After some research on the topic, this seemed like a good setup for the coming onslaught of bad Michigan weather. A lot of owners can't decide whether to go with All Season or Winter tires. The majority of owners who have 3-series RWD cars emphatically recommend a snow tire setup which is why I also went this route. I also read some great reviews about the Dunlops. Bridgestone also makes some great snow tires too. I chose Dunlops because I have had great experience with them on prior cars; though, I've never bought this particular tire. I'll report more on handling and feel after I catch a few bad weather days.

Close up

Monday, November 5, 2007

Under the Designer Microscope

From Car Design News: "The criticisms of its design were few and minor, and this car delivers exceptionally in capability and design as both a coupe GT and cabriolet. Barely any compromise is evident - a very impressive achievement. But it is a car without a clear identity. It's not a true GT, nor is it a cabrio in the traditional sense. With its conflicting requirements it's hard to place, but the 3 series coupe cabriolet is a new breed of BMW, and perhaps the perfect single car solution for many of us." more.

M3 Rear Spoiler for Sale

Aftermarket autoparts retailer, Jlevi SW recently added the M3 rear spoiler for the E93 to its online catalog. I have seen a few pictures of owners of this part post pictures on and it looks pretty good. It's defintely better looking than the BMW Aero Kit Rear Spoiler. If you are interested in learning more about the M3 spoiler and want to order one, go here for more information.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The over $100,000 335i convertible

Okay, it's over $100,000 in Australia but the Australian dollar is almost a $1 for a $1 conversion, so let's not complain about the US pricing of the 335i. It could be much worse and is in many countries.

From Australia: "YOU might have seen a BMW advertisement recently in which a 3-Series “sheds its skin” as it thunders along a lonely desert road.

The car starts out as a wagon, but at high speed the rear hatch assembly “blows away” to reveal a 3-Series sedan. Then, the rear doors are similarly shed to reveal a 3-Series Coupe; and finally, the roof peels away to leave a 3-Series Convertible spearing off into the distance.

As well as being a clever piece of ad-making, it’s something of an evolutionary tale – one which clearly places the convertible at the top of the 3-Series food chain. The most highly evolved model of all, you might say." more.