Saturday, November 3, 2007

The over $100,000 335i convertible

Okay, it's over $100,000 in Australia but the Australian dollar is almost a $1 for a $1 conversion, so let's not complain about the US pricing of the 335i. It could be much worse and is in many countries.

From Australia: "YOU might have seen a BMW advertisement recently in which a 3-Series “sheds its skin” as it thunders along a lonely desert road.

The car starts out as a wagon, but at high speed the rear hatch assembly “blows away” to reveal a 3-Series sedan. Then, the rear doors are similarly shed to reveal a 3-Series Coupe; and finally, the roof peels away to leave a 3-Series Convertible spearing off into the distance.

As well as being a clever piece of ad-making, it’s something of an evolutionary tale – one which clearly places the convertible at the top of the 3-Series food chain. The most highly evolved model of all, you might say." more.

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