Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Sexy, Cool, Smart, and Rich...

After reading an article in today's about the VW Eros winning's ladies' choice for Car of the Year, I had to see what they said about the BMW drop top. Well, what else would they say, "Look at me! I'm sexy, cool, smart and rich." My question is where did they get the cargo net in their trunk photo?

From "A cabriolet doesn't have to be an expensive hairdo's worst enemy: lower the BMW 3 Series Convertible's metal roof and put your foot down and you'll barely notice that you're roofless. There's hardly any draught and it's astonishingly quiet. The ride is plush but beautifully poised and the engines are smooth and eager – the pick is the delicious 3.0 turbo petrol." more at

Friday, September 21, 2007

BMW CCA Reviews iPhone Compatability

I have already covered this topic here days after the iPhone launch. For those, who wish to read a more extensive review on the iPhone's compatability with BMW cars this review from Roundel magazine will surely meet your geeky desires.

From BMW CCA: "BMW promised compatibility for the "6FL" factory iPod/USB interface but was silent on the dealer-installed MOST bus interface for the iPod. If the phone is attached via the iPod cable adapter, the phone still communicates with the car via Bluetooth and will stop playing music if a call comes in."

"In the car, the iPhone is easy to use, both as a phone and a music player. The driver can make and receive phone calls from BMW’s MFL (Multifunktion Lenkrad or multifunction steering wheel) as well as from iDrive or the MID (Multi-Information Display), depending on how the car is equipped." more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Enhancing your backside

I did a post here awhile back featuring various front lip spoilers you could choose from for an E93. This time I've compiled several options for those interested in personalizing the rear of their BMW. This is a modification I'm currently not interested in until I look into doing a complete exhaust upgrade to a quad exhaust sytem, something I may do in a year or two. Right now I'm enjoying the "golf tee mod" sound boost I did last week.

Back to the rear options for a different look. Here are some of the looks you can get if you pursue this modification. My personal favorite is the RD Sport. I think it looks very clean.

AC Schnitzer


RD Sport

BMW M-Tech/M-Sport

BMW Aero Kit

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If Prince drove a BMW, this would be the one

Alpina unveiled its take on the BMW 335i convertible at the Frankfurt Auto Show today. If one can look past the ugly pinestripes and the gawdy purple interior and exterior, there actually are some nice touches. My personal favorite is the best rear spoiler I have seen for the E93. I so wish I could order just the spoiler from this car as I would buy it in a second! It's perfect! If you want to learn more about Alpina's take on the E93 checkout's pictures from the Frankfurt Auto Show.