Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I get my financial advice from Motortrend

For those of you who enjoy getting your automotive news from financial publications, Bloomberg has reviewed the new 2007 BMW 3-series convertible.

"The fact is that no matter how pretty the exterior -- I had a wonderful shiny blue on mine -- over the hours you're driving, the interior is what you'll be seeing most. At a premium BMW price (the convertible starts at $49,100 and quickly spirals upward), buyers could, and should, expect more.

Last, while the BMW is more practical than many convertibles, don't try to sell it as an ``everything'' car to your significant other. A run to Target ended up with me stuffing purchases into every cranny, and the leg room in the rear seat precludes a double date with another couple -- unless they're little people or really accommodating." more.

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