Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Riding around in Liberace's dressing room

From The Guardian UK: "In fact, within about three miles, I had even grown to find the creaminess winningly appropriate - bright and accommodating, like the car itself. It wasn't, after all, that cheap shiny leather that causes you eventually to slide under the accelerator, but some quality hide with a nap that seems to hold you like a friend during a time of trouble.

You could always spot a 3 Series convertible. The canvas roof was the giveaway. Now the convertible travels incognito, its hard top - and the boot it electronically stows away into - cunningly styled to give no indication of their true articulated selves, which is entirely in keeping with the car's overall message: calm, unshowy, with just a quiet touch of the Batmobiles about it." more.

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