Monday, January 14, 2008

M3 Cabrio Images Leaked

Finally some non-camouflaged images of the upcoming M3 convertible made their way to the Internet late last week. Autoblog has a brief write-up with a gallery of images on their site.

Personally, I think the pictures don't do the car justice since the car is shown in white. The white 3-series cabriolets show the roof fold lines too much and with the additional body mold changes on the M3, the car just looks too busy with too many creases that visually interrupt the flow of the car. Of course, this could just be me being jealous in the coming year as I get passed by a M3 convertible thinking "damn! If only I had waited a year."

"The folding-roof M3 doesn't officially debut until the Geneva Auto Salon in March, but a German magazine jumped the gun and posted images on their website. Embargo apparently broken, the pictures continue to propagate about the internet." more.

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