Tuesday, July 8, 2008

335i a Better Choice than the New M3 Convertible

MSN UK Review: "The M3 coupé stunned, the saloon impressed - so what's left for the cabrio? Well, if nothing else chopping the roof off lets you hear more of the fabulous engine note. Which has to be a good thing. And we've got the first sight of the M division's new automated gearbox.

"Called M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT), this seven-speed unit ramps up BMW's already impressive head start in automated manual gearboxes. Indeed, with a cheeky jibe at Ferrari it even claims to have been first with the technology, SMG apparently beating the supercar builder's F1 gearbox by six months.

"The extra weight, softer chassis and body flex do diminish the M3's hardcore appeal though. And in that respect it's hard to ignore the fact the cheaper 335i's smooth, more flexible power delivery and only marginal performance handicap probably suit the convertible's character better than the M3's manic, race derived V8." more.

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