Monday, August 11, 2008

BMW Performance: Why do you torment me?

I was at the dealership last friday getting a radiator fluid top off as my fluid level apparently evaporated just enough to send me a nasty warning light last week. Wondering around the dealership, I looked into the parts cabinet display and noticed a very nice looking steering wheel with cutouts for the paddle shifters on my 335i steptronic. The new part was the BMW Performance Steering Wheel which I held in my hands and felt a dramatic difference than the stock wheel with it's beefier feel and of course the whole light up display showing 1/4 mile timer, lap timer, section timer, lat/long g force, oil/water temp, and stopwatch.

Of course there is a member on who has some great shots of the steering wheel, photos galore. I'm thinking with the alcantara trim on the wheel, adding a few alcantara pieces would tie the wheel together beautifully in the interior. After a quick look, I found alcantara shift boot and e-brake pieces that would like quite nice with the performance wheel and pricing is fairly affordable which is nice since the Performance Steering Wheel is in the ~$1,000 price point (I found it for $995 from Tischer BMW online.)

While I have no set timing on when I'll add this modification, I do expect to get it installed with the additional alcantara pieces some time time around September or October. The new steering wheel looks and feels very nice; though, like anything else BMW I wish it was a little easier on the wallet.


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