Monday, July 30, 2007

"As Boring as a Bucket of Wallpaper Paste"...Really?

It's not often I read a negative review of the new 335i convertible. In fact, this is the first time I've read a flat out negative review. Leave it to someone in love with Jaguars and other British marquees to criticize a remarkable execution of form and function by the Germans.

From the Times Online: "And I’m sorry again, but anyone with a 335i is going to spend his entire life explaining to colleagues why he didn’t go the extra mile and get the big boy instead.

It will be particularly painful when the time comes to sell. M3s on the secondhand market are always fairly cheap, so to make your 335i look attractive you’ll have to sell it on for mere pennies.

And even that might not do the trick, because of the way it looks. I stand corrected with other BMW models. But with the 3-series, I’m sorry.

It’s not the Natural History Museum or the Trellick Tower, and it never will be. It is, I’m afraid, Coventry Cathedral. A turd that even time cannot succeed in polishing." For the full story...more.

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